Our new owners claim to promote comedy, women, development, democracy, justice and media freedom but suspends accounts that make fun of their evil cult. At the same time, they claims to be proponents of free speech but confuses targeted opinions & social messaging with real information and truth. The advertising PR market may curb such misguided views, but it's still being determined. Meantime, natives are not willing to sit idly.. have patience with bolder stumbling wisepoint.org

The on Bridge, Shock Doctrine is here again.. while event managing polity cats are pocketing public funds in name of some for its gang of charming ! wisepoint.org/641 and bet no more?

Most free software organizations now stands infiltrated by Google and its Clones spread globally wisepoint.org/425

With rattled deep state agents & its hidden agendas; hate, defame or ban of real ideas & ways of life unsurprising.. It's fun flying into the side of a mountain for no reason. wisepoint.org/396

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Decarbonisation jumla for cutting carbon emissions and pledge to reduce methane emissions wisepoint.org/1921

रावन जलते हर वर्ष, कितने ही अविराम यहां, लेकिन एक सवाल मन में, कौन है श्रीराम यहाँ? wisepoint.org/2352

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Silicon Bay big tech brands will kick-off its core human resources for AI Bot overlords >= of FAANG.ru skills realigning its ideologies.. wisepoint.org/2322

Raping resources to benefit few connected spies, cronies, species are just inhuman acts wisepoint.org/2071

Keep pressing the proposition that it is entirely possible to "pick up a turd by the clean end" wisepoint.org/2262

What's the priority, concerned about some religious conversions and petty jihad OR ? wisepoint.org/2388

Not just money, responsible parents must be more concerned about future of their kids trapped in such rotten / corrupt education Eco-systems! twitter.com/ani_digital/status wisepoint.org/2180

Adamant loot-wing, nihilists, terrorists, narcissistic dopes still keep profiting from these disasters and remains their only foundations for extraordinary capital success and wealth hoarding! twitter.com/jacobin/status/158 wisepoint.org/1437

Half of the psychopaths are busy in “financing terror” rest are smart sociopaths profiting from “terror in finance” wisepoint.org/3157


A non-profit media, no ring masters allowed, only commoners are welcome here. Solution Point's commercial operations are discontinued since 5+ years due to banks' frauds, delays in redress, legal / mental harassment and extortion terror resulting in loss of business, goodwill, old clients and resources. Jai Jugaad.