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Decarbonisation jumla for cutting carbon emissions and pledge to reduce methane emissions wisepoint.org/1921

रावन जलते हर वर्ष, कितने ही अविराम यहां, लेकिन एक सवाल मन में, कौन है श्रीराम यहाँ? wisepoint.org/2352

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Silicon Bay big tech brands will kick-off its core human resources for AI Bot overlords >= of FAANG.ru skills realigning its ideologies.. wisepoint.org/2322

Raping resources to benefit few connected spies, cronies, species are just inhuman acts wisepoint.org/2071

Keep pressing the proposition that it is entirely possible to "pick up a turd by the clean end" wisepoint.org/2262

What's the priority, concerned about some religious conversions and petty jihad OR ? wisepoint.org/2388

Not just money, responsible parents must be more concerned about future of their kids trapped in such rotten / corrupt education Eco-systems! twitter.com/ani_digital/status wisepoint.org/2180

Adamant loot-wing, nihilists, terrorists, narcissistic dopes still keep profiting from these disasters and remains their only foundations for extraordinary capital success and wealth hoarding! twitter.com/jacobin/status/158 wisepoint.org/1437

Half of the psychopaths are busy in “financing terror” rest are smart sociopaths profiting from “terror in finance” wisepoint.org/3157


A non-profit media, no ring masters allowed, only commoners are welcome here. Solution Point's commercial operations are discontinued since 5+ years due to banks' frauds, delays in redress, legal / mental harassment and extortion terror resulting in loss of business, goodwill, old clients and resources. Jai Jugaad.